Affiliate Network

Affiliate Network

Find your Folks

An international movement.

Locally grown by folks like you.

Our Affiliate Directors are as diverse as the population. Age, gender, background, political affiliation, occupation, religious identity … All ordinary people with exceptional drive to put your compassion into action.

Collect locally, donate locally.

When it comes to product donations and distribution, we trust our Affiliate Directors to know what’s needed in their local communities. They vet the partners we work with — over 3,600 social service organizations so far.

Each Affiliate location, like a chapter, determines where and how to get essential items into the hands of those who need them. That’s why this movement keeps flowing stronger and stronger.

I Support the Girls affiliate directors

I Support the Girls affiliate directors

Local leaders are a special bunch

Affiliate Directors keep the ISTG network flowing and growing. It’s definitely not for everyone. (And there’s no shortage of other ways to help). But when the fit’s right, teamwork really makes the dream work. …

is this YOU?

If this sounds a tit bit like you, email so we can chat.