Force for Change

Force for Change
Make your next move matter.

Be The Change

What do menstrual hygiene products, new underwear, and new and gently used bras all have in common? They all fit in boxes.

And the Force for Change Programs? Nope.

This set of programs encompasses advocacy, meeting the needs of unique populations, and special requests from partners on the ground. The issues we’re tackling are complex and entrenched. Like a good bra, our programs need to fit and hold up.

People and partners like you are the force.

Many of the populations we serve through the Force for Change programs have been rendered invisible. Corporate partnerships and private donations say, “I see you and I care.” Can we count YOU in?

"I spoke to Dana about getting some products for me and my daughter. I am disabled. My daughter is gay and she wears binders (34b bra size). I am a breast cancer survivor, living with lupus and other chronic illnesses."
The ISTG team gathered the products she requested and brought them to Marilyn

The unique groups we serve include:

  • Breast cancer survivors.
    So lack of a breast prosthetic or mastectomy bra isn’t another source of pain for low-income women.
  • School districts.
    So students don’t have to choose between petty theft or missing school during their periods.
  • Native American reservations.
    So periods aren’t the reason Native girls are missing school at alarming rates.
  • Correctional facilities.
    So inmates and recently released women and girls have bras to support them as they work to better their lives.
  • Immigrants and refugees.
    A migrant farm worker trying on a pink bra over their blue hoodie

    ISTG Tampa Bay provide bras and other essential products distribution next to fields for migrant farm workers

    So displaced women and girls can stand tall with dignity no matter how far away from home they may be. 

  • International programs. 
    So we can meet a crisis with care no matter where it is.
  • Transgender teens and adults. 
    So transgender folx have the resources they need for a healthy transition.
  • Veterans. 
    So those who have sacrificed for us can stand proud themselves.
  • Migrant farm workers. 
    So their needs don’t get lost on the road.
  • Youth programs. 
    So we’re passing on hope to the next generation.

Your support says, “I see you and I care.”

“Having to budget for the purchase of feminine hygiene products is one of the unfortunate inequities of being a female.”
Food Bank Employee