ISTG – Bloomington started in 2016 as a way for a new mom to do something beyond work and motherhood. Since then ISTG – Bloomington has donated to food pantries, women’s shelters, pregnancy centers and other social service nonprofits in Bloomington and Monroe County.

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Marsha Lovejoy
Affiliate Director

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“Let's talk about something uncomfortable. Imagine you’re a teenage girl, you have to attend school and are already very body conscious, and your family must choose between housing/food and buying feminine supplies. Which do you think will win? ( It's not the supplies ) Not only is this unhygienic, but it is mortifying to the girl, or woman. Last winter we received a large supply of this products, both pads and tampons. It was GREAT!! But even with strict limits, it lasted barely 2 months. But in those 2 months, you would be shocked at how many girls/women were so excited, some cried! 2 month of no embarrassment.”
“Although we were closed for Holiday yesterday, we had 3 wonderful people drop off large donations. Support The Girls brought in about 1500 Feminine Sanitary products! Thank you SO much to these awesome individuals and the groups they work with!!!”
Pantry 279
“Thank you, I Support the Girls! We are so excited about this new partnership, and having the opportunity to provide more women and girls the products that are critical to their overall health.”
“What a wonderful donation! Thank you and all who helped in this project so much! Our Teens and women will be thrilled to find them on our shelves again tomorrow!”
"A child abuse survivor came in with holes in her socks. She was delighted to get a new pair of Bombas! Thank you ISTG!"
Susie's Place
"We went through the largest sizes within 3 camp outreaches! You are SUCH AN ANGEL!"
Indiana Recovery Alliance
"Thank you so much for your generous donation, we appreciate you thinking of us. I’m so happy to have products like these to share with our agency partners."
Rose Harding
Hoosier Hills Food Bank

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