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My name is Sarah Wyatt-Kehoe, and I am the new Affiliate Director for New York City. I have been active in community organizing and outreach for some time and have witnessed the dire need for essential items throughout the city first hand. I am excited to join I Support The Girls to work with organizers and volunteers to help meet some of those needs for our fellow New Yorkers.

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Sarah Wyatt-Kehoe
Affiliate Director

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"Thanks so much for welcoming us into your network. The Star Boutique is a very small non-profit. We are volunteer led and self-funded. We do our best to provide consistent programming and resources to our girls. The need for toiletries and self-care items have increased since covid. Your contribution will support us significantly with meeting our organizational goals. Thank you all soooooo much. Sarah, you have been such a great support to us in so little time. We are all making this world a better place - I am grateful to be in the circle."
Tanesha Ingram
The Star Boutique