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Homeless women need bras too.

Posted by 60 Second Docs on Friday, June 2, 2017

Our  Mission: Through an international network of Affiliates, I Support the Girls collects and distributes essential items, including bras, underwear, and menstrual hygiene products, allowing women experiencing homelessness, impoverishment, or distress to stand tall with dignity.

A woman shouldn’t have to choose between feeding herself and her personal health.  Every woman should have the ability to maintain her dignity.

Around the globe we're helping girls and women experiencing homelessness, victims of domestic violence, victims of sex trafficking, refugees and evacuees affected by natural disasters. Here's how we're restoring dignity to hundreds of thousands of women

  • 5,100,000 bras & menstrual products collected & distributed
  • 54 affiliates- 50 in U.S. & 4 global
  • 300 business & corporate partners
  • 350 local & national media appearances, which we use for advocacy and raising awareness
  • 210,000 menstrual hygiene products distributed for high school students
  • 975 vetted donation partners
  • 600,000 emergency aid relief products distributed to evacuees of hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, flooding, government shutdown furlough support and women at the border (across Texas and Arizona)


Our team works 24/7/365 for girls and women living on the streets in the United States and around the globe. Bras are needed to help women stand up straight and tall. Periods do not stop when one's living situation changes.

The homeless population is rising and women are the fastest growing segment of that population. Dignity does not take vacations. Neither do we.


ISTG has been featured in hundreds of TV, radio, print and online publications, both national and local. Each appearance is an opportunity for our team to advocate for the rights of people experiencing homelessness and raise awareness of issues surrounding women's health and dignity.


ISTG's various programs work with a wide range of populations: Evacuees of natural disasters, breast cancer survivors, inmates in correctional facilities, transgender teens and adults, veterans, Native Americans and many more.

Our motto is: "Collect locally, donate locally." Because of our affiliate network, we have people on the ground ready to meet the local need.


Over 300 businesses, corporations and organizations have partnered with ISTG to conduct drives and collect products to be distributed locally. Numerous bra and menstrual hygiene product manufacturers have provided donations, in-kind services and donations of products which we have then distributed nationally.

Whether you're a large business, restaurant, runner's club or dance yoga studio, let's work together to help women maintain their dignity!








Your support allows women to maintain their dignity and self-respect.

Your support helps hundreds of thousands of girls and women.

Your support means all our affiliates continue to meet the local need.

Your support provides basic necessity items for those who cannot afford or lack access to them.

You can donate online by clicking the donate button below:

You can mail products to:

I Support the Girls
Attn: Dana Marlowe
P.O. Box 2736
Wheaton, Maryland 20915

You can call us at: (240) 816-0570

Get Involved

Providing essentials- bras and menstrual hygiene products- to girls and women experiencing homelessness not only helps them maintain their dignity but it also empowers them. Their self-esteem rises.

There are a number of ways you can partner with us to help thousands of girls and women maintain their dignity: