Programs designed to meet her moment.

Every single day of the month.

Women and folx living on the street, in poverty, or in crisis are forced to make choices many of us can’t imagine. No one should have to pick between buying a hot meal or paying for a box of menstrual hygiene products. And replacing old bras should not be a luxury.

Our programs are multi-faceted, responsive, and scalable. They’re designed to provide flexible wings and all-day support to absorb whatever the next moment brings. We help make dignity the norm… One bra and period product at a time.


Local affiliate directors are the backbone of this movement. They keep this movement flowing and growing. Across the U.S. and around the globe. These folks come from all walks and ways of life. All with an exceptional drive to put compassion into action so all women & girls can stand tall with dignity. If that’s how YOU flow …

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"I’m proud to be a part of I Support the Girls because I feel like I am giving back to my community in important ways. Thanks to our donors we are able to help folx maintain dignity, stay healthy, and feel beautiful."
Dr. Alicia Alexander
ISTG Affiliate Director Edwardsville, IL


Displacement is devastating, no matter the cause. By keeping a large supply of essential products on hand, we can send help in a hurry when things go terribly wrong. Because periods don’t stop for pandemics, wildfires, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, war …

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“Every year I screen girls who have been arrested for shoplifting underwear, bras, and feminine hygiene products. It’s heartbreaking… "
Juvenile Probation Officer


This encompasses advocacy efforts, services for unique populations, special projects with our partners … all in service of long-term impact.

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A.S.H. KITS (Aid, Safety, Hygiene)

These are customized care packages delivered directly to individuals often overlooked in other movements:

  • Dash Kits for survivors of domestic violence fleeing abusive situations.
  • Slash Kits for transgender and nonbinary folks without safe access to resources.
  • Flash Kits for homeless and low-income menopausal folks.

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Flash Kit filled with products

Flash kit

Sara Asif, director of I Support the Girl's Pakistan affiliate, teaching local women about menstrual hygiene

Sara Asif of ISTG's Pakistan affiliate teaching women about menstrual hygiene


This special ISTG program has double the impact on women. By learning how to sew their own bras, panties, and reusable pads, they create dignity for themselves. And by putting that new skill set to work, they gain access to a pathway out of poverty.

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