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Support that’s nimble and quick.

We will respond.

As fast as humanly possible.

But that can only happen with the help of people like you …

And these steadfast corporate partners carers.

Volunteers standing in front of boxes at the I Support the Girls Maryland warehouse holding Ukranian flags

Partnering with TV station WUSA9 and reporter Jess Arnold to package products for Ukrainian refugees

Individuals, organizations, and even the U.S. federal government have come to ISTG for help. Flooding in Houston, hurricanes in Puerto Rico, wildfires in California, war in Ukraine, a worldwide pandemic …

"Overnight we became one of the largest female focused disaster relief agencies. Our model allows us to move quickly and utilize longstanding partnerships to deliver products where they're most needed."
Headshot of Rachael Heger wearing a pink dress
Rachael Heger
National Director of Affiliate Outreach

Period products and bras just aren’t top of mind when you’re fleeing for your life… But they’re no less needed when you get to safety.

When disaster strikes, we act fast … our disaster response team delivers hundreds of thousands of products to those who are suddenly left with nothing.

People and partners like you — by opening hearts – make that possible.

Over the past several years, the entire ISTG community has truly worn their hearts on their sleeves.

Generous individuals, corporate partners, and small but mighty businesses have enabled dramatic expansion of this program. That’s meant being able to get aid where it’s most needed. … even where many disaster relief organizations could not.

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Four members of the I Support the Girls Dallas/Fort Worth affilite stand in front of many boxes of products

ISTG Dallas/Fort Worth affiliate collecting products for hurricane disaster relief