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Impact squared, you ask? Well that’s what happens when this movement grows organically. With care.

It’s what happened when Sara Asif saw ISTG founder Dana Marlowe on the news in July 2016 in Pakistan … and the two women teamed up to dream. The results? Enter: the Pakistan Training Center Program.

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Sara Asif, director of I Support the Girl's Pakistan affiliate, teaching local women about menstrual hygiene

Growing the mission by hand.

This isn’t ISTG’s only international program. But (for now) it’s the only one of its kind.

By training women how to sew their own bras, underwear, and reusable pads, women at ISTG Pakistan’s vocational center create dignity for themselves. And by putting that new skill set to work, they gain access to a pathway out of poverty. That’s impact2 .

"There is no concept of charity or care here… In Pakistan, I’m working with marginalized peoples, giving them free products…Nobody helps me."
Sara Asif
I Support the Girls Affiliate Director

Your generosity helps women sew the seeds of a brighter future.

Pakistan is a country with many challenges. Day-to-day reality is very different, depending on who you are. And just like in every single country in the world, women get the short end of the stick. For poor women, in particular, prospects in Pakistan are bleak.

But for women at the Pakistan Training Center, your care breeds more caring. Once women complete their vocational training, ISTG Pakistan helps them put it to use. That could mean support in finding a job at a nearby factory. It could mean helping them start a business of their own through a micro-loan entity like KIVA, or…

Through your generous support, her hands can hold possibility.