Three Short Years Later

Since our founding 3 years ago, thousands of donors- individuals, organizations and businesses- have responded generously to our call: help girls and women experiencing homelessness across the country maintain their dignity and self-respect. The below infographic is a small window into what your generosity and donations have accomplished. We have much more work to do- […]

Donating Essentials

By: Denise N. Fabella Growing up in Metro Manila, part of my Catholic school upbringing was being required to donate to underprivileged communities a few times a year. To get this requirement out of the way, I would donate the usual items I could easily grab from the grocery store. But  after listening to Dana […]

The Most Important Lesson

What is the most important lesson we should pass down to our children? Vanessa Duckworth knows. Recently, Vanessa and her children Noah and Apollo finished a collection which they donated to I Support the Girls. We asked Vanessa how she found out about I Support the Girls: “I was watching a short  documentary clip about homeless […]

Charity Has No Age Limits

To quote the late Elie Wiesel: “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest”. Consider I Support the Girls a passive protest against the status quo of homelessness. Today we highlight a very special collection spearheaded by an extraordinary woman: […]

Starting A Conversation

We receive tens of emails daily asking for the nearest dropoff location. People across North America want to help and donate products for women experiencing homelessness in their community. Our dedicated staff respond to every email and sometimes, we ask for the “back story” as to a particular donation. Today we’d like to share with […]