Three Short Years Later

Since our founding 3 years ago, thousands of donors- individuals, organizations and businesses- have responded generously to our call. They have helped girls and women experiencing homelessness across the country maintain their dignity and self-respect. The below infographic is a small window into what your generosity and donations have accomplished. We have much more work […]

Conquering Challenges: Spreading Education and Products in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country of dichotomies. Arid and semi-arid climate contrasted with lush, fertile valleys. Wealth and extreme poverty. Educated women, like I Support the Girls Affiliate Director Sara Asif, and the impoverished, marginalized women to which she provides products and education. Sara has a background in clinical psychology and counseling. Before staying home with […]

Partnering With Shefit

My name is Bekah Page-Gourley and I live in Detroit, Michigan, with my husband, Jason, and five-year-old son, Isaac. My husband and I met in law school in New Orleans, Louisiana, and moved to Michigan post-graduation. I practiced employment law for several years before joining the Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE), where I still […]

Donating Essentials

By: Denise N. Fabella Growing up in Metro Manila, part of my Catholic school upbringing was being required to donate to underprivileged communities a few times a year. To get this requirement out of the way, I would donate the usual items I could easily grab from the grocery store. But  after listening to Dana […]