In 2015, who knew that Dana’s basement filled with bras and tampons would lead to 60 other people with basements (sheds, guest bedrooms, and garages) also overflowing with donations six years later? These amazing people are our Affiliates Directors. They are the kindest, most hard working, and generous people we know.

I Support the Girls has a small staff, which means we rely heavily on the support of our volunteers. We could not have donated over 17 million products and served more than 1.7 million folks without the incredible work and dedication of our volunteers. From Philadelphia to the Philippines, Arizona to Australia, our Affiliates work every day to break stigmas and restore dignity across the globe.

We’re so grateful for every lunch break spent delivering donations, every hour spent counting tampons, and every time they step out of their comfort zones to raise more awareness about ISTG. The Affiliates are the lifeblood of this organization (emphasis on blood).

2021 Affiliate Awards

Each year, we award six Affiliates who have gone above and beyond in their communities. We’re thrilled to announce our 2021 ISTG Award Recipients…*drum roll please*…

From Left to Right: Lindsay Weiss, ISTG-Kansas City, Bekah Page-Gourley, ISTG-Detroit, Denise Dockter-Kambeitz, ISTG-North Dakota, Kathy Jackson, ISTG-Columbus, Jodi Morrison, ISTG-Northeast Ohio, and Dineen Burke, ISTG-Central/North New Jersey

BRAvo Award – Overall outstanding Affiliate

  • Lindsay Weiss, ISTG-Kansas City

Bloody Do-Gooder Award – Outstanding affiliate advocacy and programming in their community

  • Bekah Page-Gourley, ISTG-Detroit

Training Bra-Award – New affiliate making tremendous strides in a short period of time in their community

  • Denise Kambeitz, ISTG-North Dakota

Golden Tampon Award – Kathy Jackson (ISTG-Columbus), for donating 340,055 products in 2021

Silver Tampon Award – Jodi Morrison (ISTG-Northeast Ohio), for donating 253,254 products in 2021

Bronze Tampon Award – Dineen Burke, (ISTG-North/Central New Jersey), for donating 202,913 products in 2021

If it still hasn’t sunk in how amazing our Affiliates are, look at all that we accomplished together this year:

I Support the Girls’ 2021 Infographic.

In the words of Kathy Jackson, Affiliate Director of ISTG-Columbus and Golden Tampon Award recipient for two years in a row, “I don’t have a mother, I don’t have sisters, but this community has become my family.” Thank you, Affiliates, for serving with your whole heart, and then some.