How to donate

Dana holding bras on her armHow do I donate bras or menstrual hygiene products?

There are a number of donation options:

  • Mail them to:

Support the Girls
Attn: Dana Marlowe
P.O. Box 2736
Wheaton, Maryland 20915

  • Speak with Dana Marlowe to arrange for a drop-off site in your area, if possible.
  • Drop them off in Silver Spring, MD (if local)
  • There are 42 Support the Girls affiliates across the United States. Email to find the closest location
  • For more information, check out our FAQs.

How can I help fund your efforts?

Contribute to our Crowdrise campaign to help us grow and provide much needed help to thousands of women and girls across North America.

With your help, we will continue to support our 42 North American affiliates and open new ones, to meet the need of homeless women in as many locations as possible. Our goal is to provide the necessary tools for affiliates to collect and distribute and run independently to assist their local homeless population. Together, we can work to solve this problem!

Since July 2015, Support the Girls has donated 900,000 items to homeless girls and women in North America and Thailand, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Next year, help us donate more than a million!

Car trunk filled with donationsSo far, we’ve collected and distributed…

  • Bras: 135,000
  • Feminine hygiene products: 785,000