Corporate Partnerships

I Support The Girls has partnered with over 750 businesses and corporations. Through employment engagement, they are helping local residents by conducting drives, collecting products and raising awareness both within the company and to the general public. The products they collect are distributed to local organizational partners who have been previously vetted by local ISTG affiliates. Our corporate sponsors include: The Coca-Cola Company, the City of Chicago, Spotify, Marriott, Warby Parker, Lowe’s, Nordstrom’s and SOMA.

I Support the Girls has partnered with numerous bra and menstrual hygiene product manufacturers. They have provided hundreds of thousands of products which we have then distributed nationally. Proctor & Gamble, LOLA, Third Love and Kimberly-Clark are just a few of the companies we have worked with.

The generosity and efforts of our corporate partners allow us to reach tens of thousands of girls and women experiencing homelessness and provide them with basic necessities.

In addition to product donations, many of our corporate partners make financial contributions to ISTG to help our overall efforts. These donations allow us to expand our services, provide for more women and aid our advocacy efforts as we lobby for the rights of women experiencing homelessness.

Become a partner today!

When you partner with I Support The Girls, you are helping girls and women who live in your city. Homelessness affects every city and state in the country. Join us to make sure those who lack access or can’t afford basic necessities receive what they need to maintain their dignity.

If your business or corporation would like to partner with I Support The Girls, please fill in the form below or contact our team.


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