We brake for bras!

During the early weeks of the Covid-19 global pandemic, I Support the Girls realized that periods don’t stop for pandemics and continuously donated millions of menstrual hygiene supplies and worked to raise awareness about this forgotten need.

Because of this work, Dana Marlowe and I Support the Girls were featured on an Amazon Prime Video episode of “Regular Heroes” (Season 1, episode 4) in May 2020. We were thrilled about the opportunity to reach new audiences and raise awareness around our mission. Imagine our surprise when at the end of filming, singer and actress Kelly Rowland FaceTimed Dana and surprised her.

We were not expecting to be gifted a van! But if there’s one thing we do well, it’s take advantage of opportunities that come our way. Our staff got to work right away thinking how we could use the van as more than just a tampon taxi. A rolling billboard saying “I Brake For Bras!” and “This van is full of tampons!” provided a launchpad for stigma busting conversations that could be seen traveling down the highways of America. Our Vangina did an inaugural donation at the United States Department of Veterans Affairs on November 11, 2020 and that was then see on NBC News.

A Vangina is born

With the pandemic still raging, an affiliate retreat to bring our amazing affiliate directors in real life was not an option. But a Vangina Tour was…

In 2021 our Vangina went on a roadtrip through the Midwest and East Coast delivering bras, underwear, period products and more to organizations in 12 states and 31 cities. Over 500,000 products were donated to refugee agencies, homeless shelters, LGBTQ+ organizations, domestic violence shelters and more with our incredible affiliates.

In 2022 she rolled through Capital Pride in Washington, D.C.

Catch her on the road, tag us and add the hashtag #Vangina and we will donate a month’s supply of period products to someone in need.