Our Process

In just 6 short years, I Support The Girls has established 58 affiliates across the United States and globally. Through our affiliates, we have collected and distributed over 16.5 million bras and menstrual hygiene products.

How have we been able to help so many women in such a short time? The Process.

  • Each of our affiliate heads undergoes training before establishing an affiliate location.
  • Affiliate heads learn about the local need. They meet and vet local organizations. The goal is to ensure that products donated locally are distributed locally.
  • Drives and collections are held by individuals, organizations and businesses. All products collected are then counted, packaged and delivered to one of our local partner organizations.

Although this is a simplification of a complicated global operation, the process of understanding local need and helping people locally has proved successful. Homelessness is not a blue or red state issue; it exists in every community across the country. Therefore our priority has been to open people’s eyes to what’s going on “in their backyard” and encourage donations to help their local residents.

Looking to volunteer and help one of our affiliates? Please fill in this short form and we’ll get you back to you shortly.


Austin, Texas affiliate head Zuzana Polakova DeBlock