I Support The Girls doesn’t just collect and distribute basic necessities to girls and women experiencing homelessness. We are also fierce advocates for their rights.

Through countless speaking engagements and lobbying efforts, we are providing visibility for those who go unnoticed by society. Our Founder and Executive Director, Dana Marlowe, has taken part in lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill on behalf of those experiencing homelessness. Additionally, she has been the keynote speaker at numerous conferences. She has spoken to

  • U.S. State Department employees
  • The Coca Cola Company’s annual women’s conference
  • Yale and New York University students and faculty
  • Members of local synagogues and churches
  • the AFL-CIO American Federation of Teachers, Nursing and Health Professionals
  • Deloitte International participants at an event titled “Menstrual Hygiene Matters: Breaking the Silence and Social Stigmas”
  • the leadership of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington
  • supporters of Planned Parenthood
  • hundreds of teens at the annual BBYO Conference
  • members of the Daughters of the American Revolution

and many more. Dana uses these speaking engagements to make participants aware of how a woman on the streets cannot afford tampons and how a bra is considered a luxury. Until Dana’s talk, most listeners had never even considered how women experiencing homelessness lack these basic necessities.

Find out more about booking Dana Marlowe or another ISTG executive to speak at your next organization, government body or corporate event.