There is a prevalence of ‘first period’ kits and information available to those going through puberty and beginning their menstrual journey. For those approaching the end of this journey, however, there is less information available.

Menopause is especially distinctive in that each body experiences it so uniquely. The symptoms may last for anywhere from several years to decades, which means 1.3 million folks experience menopause each year, 6,000 each day. While going

through this can be difficult for anyone, it is especially hard when you are without resources, unhomed or living in poverty.

Our ? Flash Kits will provide a care package full of products to women and folks experiencing homelessness and poverty to address the most common symptoms of menopause.

Although we recognize that many find medicine, supplements, and vitamins to be extremely useful in addressing symptoms, ISTG asks that you consult your healthcare provider about what is best for your specific situation, and will not be providing them these kits. For now, the kits are only available in the U.S. All items are pending availability. 

The ? Flash Kits will be sent to the U.S. address provided by the requestor. Please complete this form below to request one. To support the Flash Kit program, please donate here.