Coronavirus Response

The coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented global disaster resulting in loss of income, loss of stable housing and empty shelves at the store for many. During this time 26% of the global population will have a period.

I Support the Girls has ramped up our operations to make sure women, girls and menstruators worldwide are able to access menstrual products, bras and underwear.

By providing essential items, ISTG is bringing dignity, health, and comfort to folks on the streets, in makeshift shelters, in hospitals and those sheltering-in-place. While we recognize that these products will not solve homelessness or poverty, we also know the value of dignity and health.

We have seen a 35% increase in requests for products.

Some organizations are sheltering-in-place and suspending outreach operations.

Others are responding to dramatically increased need, including new ‘pop-up’ pantries providing food and essentials.

I Support the Girls is partnering with all of them:

  • Homeless Shelters
  • Domestic Violence Shelters
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Food Banks
  • School Districts
  • City and County Governments
  • Immigrant and Refugee Organizations

How are we responding?

  • We have collected and distributed over 5,000,000 products
  • Partnerships with large corporate and small businesses to distribute their excess inventory
  • Shipping to individuals in addition to organizations
  • Actively identifying more storage solutions to receive large donations around the country
  • Fundraising to support our disaster relief efforts

Our most important need? Financial donations to help meet the growing need. As more people find themselves out of work or furloughed, requests to I Support The Girls continue to pour in.

Please make a donation today to ensure that everyone has access to menstrual products, bras and underwear.