D.A.S.H. (Dignity, Aid, Safety, and Hygiene) Kits

I Support the Girls is now offering the D.A.S.H. Kit for women and folx who have fled an abusive situation. Many times the safety plan involves leaving all of one’s belongings and just walking away so as to not arouse suspicion. On the lists of essentials to pack provided by domestic violence organizations nationwide, not one that we saw listed menstrual hygiene products. We get it. They are bulky and replaceable. But they are also expensive.


This care package will help replenish what was left behind and offset some of the costs of resettling, which potentially can help with safety and sustainability. This package will be put together with the goal of making the womxn feel cared for while also providing resources.

The kit will contain:

  • 3 month supply of menstrual products of the requestors’ choice (tampons, pads, and cups available)
  • New underwear
  • Bras
  • A mask
  • A special toiletry item
  • A bag to hold all the items

There may be additional items included as available. ISTG hopes to expand the D.A.S.H. kits to include other essentials as we grow this program.


If you are requesting a kit, please put any address at which you can safely receive mail. You may request a kit for a friend or family member who is in this situation. You may request more than one kit if you have multiple family members in need of these items. Just fill out the form separately for each person. The information entered will be kept completely confidential. We wish peace, safety, and comfort for all, and hope that our D.A.S.H. Kits bring a little light to you.


Please do not request this kit if you are not leaving an abusive situation. We are happy to connect you with resources in your area.


If you would like to donate towards our D.A.S.H. Kit program, and ensure we are able to provide a kit for every request, please use this link.




You can find more detailed information on our programs here [link to programs page]