Affiliate Spotlight: Bekah Page-Gourley

Bekah Page-Gourley has been the I Support the Girls – Detroit Affiliate Director since July 2016. In the past four years, Bekah has donated to over 50 local organizations in Detroit, serving the homeless, vulnerable youth, LGBGTQ+ communities, domestic violence shelters, and more. Read more about Bekah’s ISTG journey below! 

How did you get involved with ISTG? 

In the summer of 2016, I saw an old camp counselor of mine, Joanna Wyner, posting a bunch of photos of pads and tampons on Facebook. I figured if these essential items were needed in DC and Cleveland, there was also likely an opportunity to help in Detroit. I officially became the Detroit affiliate director in July of 2016. 

Bekah and Joanna
Bekah Page-Gourley with her former camp counselor, Joanna Wyner, of I Support the Girls – Cleveland.

Any notable moments you’ve had as an Affiliate? 

One Saturday, my seven-year-old son and I were on the way to bring donations to several different organizations, and our car was packed to the brim. We happened to see two women on the side of the highway onramp. I was able to stop the car and go through the boxes and bags to give them essential products, including bras and underwear in the sizes they needed, right then and there. I was really grateful to be able to have that direct impact.

What’s been your proudest moment as an Affiliate? 

I’m proudest when my son helps me with donations or explains what we do to the people we meet. He has been my number one volunteer from the beginning, and it has been so fulfilling to have the opportunity to demonstrate to him the importance of helping people in his community. It’s also been gratifying to see him develop an understanding of and general comfort with things like pads, tampons, and bras. He knows what they’re for and why they’re important.

To learn more about what Bekah has been up to as an Affiliate or if you’d like to volunteer with or donate to ISTG-Detroit, check out the I Support the Girls – Detroit Facebook page. 

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