The Most Important Lesson

What is the most important lesson we should pass down to our children? Vanessa Duckworth knows.

Recently, Vanessa and her children Noah and Apollo finished a collection which they donated to I Support the Girls. We asked Vanessa how she found out about I Support the Girls:

“I was watching a short  documentary clip about homeless women and their needs. It really struck a cord with me because it was something I never realized, and that was their hygiene needs as a woman. I couldn’t believe how women had to choose between feeding themselves or buying a box of tampons for the week. Once I saw the need, I asked myself how could I help.

I started looking up places to donate to in Maryland, and to my surprise I found I Support the Girls. Once I read that I could drop my collection off at a local spot I started collecting. I posted on my social media accounts, my communities page, and spoke about the collection at work. I did pick ups around my neighborhood, and also went to friends houses. I am also a mother of two boys and wanted them to know the very important lesson of giving to others, and had them join me in collection and counting.  Once the collection was complete we couldn’t believe the large number we collected, and how many people were willing to donate. It turned out to be an amazing experience!”
teaching the most important lesson

When Noah, Vanessa’s 11 year old son, was asked about the collection, he responded: “I learned that you can help others in so many different ways.”

Here is what Vanessa posted to Facebook, after she finished her collection:

“The final collection was yesterday. We are ready for the big donation. Thank you all who donated, and to all who in their heart wanted to donate. We are thankful and so are the women you are helping. The final count was 150 bras and 50 feminine products. The boys learned so many lessons on this journey. One was that all you need is a good intention to manifest a thought. They also learned the most important lesson, and that it is better to give than to receive. I also spoke to my oldest Noah and told him to always live through his heart and that his mind will follow. Thank you Mom for teaching me all these wonderful lessons, so that a day like today I would be able to pass it on to the boys. #passthelovealong #positiveintentions #givingisbetterthanreceiving #teachyourkidslove #alwaysputgodfirst
💗💗💗💗 “
I am mother of 2 boys Noah and Apollo. I’m married to an amazing human Charlie. I’m a veteran of the USAF and have been working for the government over 10 years. My passion in life is to live peacefully, love, give, travel, and  be thankful. I love to capture moments in time with the camera on my phone lol I have a slight obsession with self help books, cooking, wine tasting, and nature.  There are times I get myself into trouble by trying to do too much, but in the end it’s in my nature and I love it!