Partnership Which Benefits Everyone

Last month, I Support the Girls (ISTG) partnered with Kali to help Kali customers save big while helping homeless girls and women across America! During the month of November, anyone who donated 5 new or gently used bras to Kali received a 50% discount off their next purchase of Kaliboxes. All bras collected by Kali were donated to ISTG.

Dana Marlowe, founder and executive director of ISTG, pointed to missions which jive: “We are working to help homeless women retain their dignity, regain their self-esteem and feel empowered. With Kali’s mission statement being very clear about its desire to empower women, I knew this was a perfect fit.” Read more from Dana as she sat down with Jonna Piira, CEO of Kali, to discuss the partnership and how it will further ISTG’s mission.

Kali encouraged women to “empty your dresser drawers! We all have bras sitting at the back that haven’t been used or are rarely worn. Donate them to Kali and we’ll make sure they get to ISTG affiliates who will distribute them to previously vetted shelters and organizations.”

Kali is committed to empowering ALL women. In addition to the November campaign, Kali committed to making a generous donation of feminine hygiene products to ISTG every quarter. Their mission is “to give the everyday she-woman a break from running to the store during her period.” But Kali also knows there are women who can’t even walk through the front doors of the store, because they can’t afford to. Kali will be providing products to ISTG to ensure that homeless girls and women don’t have to make tough choices and they have access to feminine hygiene products.

A HUGE thank you to Kali and to ALL their customers who donated products!!!

(L-R) Rachel Katz (ISTG Director of Strategic Partnerships), Jonna Piira (CEO, Kali), Dana Marlowe (ISTG Founder & Executive Director), Rachael Heger (ISTG Director of Affiliates)

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