The Next Generation Of Philanthropists

Giving back to the community, being philanthropists, volunteering time. It’s not only important that we participate in charitable endeavors but we need to show our children how charity can be fulfilling and rewarding.

I Support The Girls is happy to highlight one such example: Nina and her children Jumaane and Nia.

A few weeks ago, Nina emailed us: “My kids are operating a lemonade stand once a week to raise money for the  homeless.  Our goal is to purchase feminine care products for girls and women.  We came across your organization and look forward to sending our first proceeds to you.”

WOW! We were blown away. But what really impressed us was how Nina’s children explained why they set up the lemonade stand.

Jumaane: “I wanted to start a lemonade stand to help the homeless so that we can help them get the things they need.”

Nia: “I wanted to start a lemonade stand to help the homeless because I worry about them eating, having clothes and a place to sleep.”

“Since my kids were little, I have taught them to say their prayers and name two things they were thankful for,” Nina told us. “Recently, I noticed that their prayers have centered around the homeless after going to work with me in Washington D.C. and witnessing many people sleeping on the streets. As a natural entrepreneur and philanthropist, I decided to brainstorm ways we could provide support for the homeless and I thought a lemonade stand was a great opportunity for my kids to learn about entrepreneurship and giving back. I want them to contribute to society in an impactful way and continue to find opportunities to help others throughout their lives.”

Our organization thanks Nina for thinking of us and we are extremely appreciative of the hard work Jumaane and Nia did to help girls and women experiencing homelessness.  Thank you for making a difference!!!

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