LIVELY Helps Homeless NYC Women Restore Their Dignity

On February 7th, LIVELY, the New York-based direct-to-consumer Leisurée brand, donated 1,500 bras to I Support the Girls (ISTG) and ISTG then chose to donate the products to a New York City Safe Horizon domestic violence shelter.

“We are grateful to I Support the Girls and LIVELY for their generous donation of bras in support of our Domestic Violence Shelter Program,” said Rachel Goldsmith, Associate Vice President of Safe Horizon’s Domestic Violence Shelter Programs. “Domestic violence survivors coming into shelter often have limited resources and have to make difficult decisions about how to spend these funds – a new bra may not be an expense they feel they can afford.  With this donation, shelter residents can get a new bra that fits properly, have one less expense to worry about, and focus on their path to healing.”

This is not the first time LIVELY has partnered with ISTG. This past October, during LIVELY’s #GoWireless Challenge, LIVELY invited customers into their headquarters to donate their gently used bras. A larger effort was kicked off in December when LIVELY pledged to donate one bra per order placed on their website. Through that initiative, LIVELY was able to donate the 1,500 bras.

“We are truly honored to partner with I Support The Girls and Safe Horizon,” said LIVELY Founder and CEO, Michelle Cordeiro Grant. “We created this brand to enable and empower women and there’s no better way to speak to our brand ethos than by helping the women who need it most.”

(L-R) Ruby Brallier (Marketing Associate, LIVELY), Ali Alquiza (Director of Marketing, Lively), Rachel Goldsmith (Associate Vice President Shelter Program, Safe Horizon), Dana Marlowe (Founder, I Support the Girls), Nneka Millette (Shelter Director, Safe Horizon), Colleen Werner (Reporter, I Am That Girl)
Credit: Davin Larsen, Social Media Coordinator, Safe Horizon

Safe Horizon is the largest single provider of shelters for victims of domestic violence in the U.S. and they have shelters in all 5 NYC boroughs. Of the 60,000 people seeking shelter in NYC, 1/3 are there due to domestic violence. Often times at a family shelter, donations are brought for children residing there but not the moms.

We know that homeless girls and women may not have access or the funds to purchase a bra. We have also seen firsthand how a single bra can help restore a woman’s dignity. It is inspiring to see LIVELY using their brand to help support other women and encourage their customers to do so as well.

ISTG thanks the entire team at LIVELY and the Safe Horizon staff for all their efforts. We look forward to partnering with them in the future!


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