Adore Me Empowers Women

Recently, Adore Me partnered with I Support the Girls and donated bras, panties and other products to restore dignity to homeless girls and women. We interviewed Angela Maffia, an Adore Me retail analyst, to learn more about Adore Me and their commitment to giving back to others.

Jessica Hall (L), Assistant Office Manager and Angela Maffia, Retail Analyst

Who is Adore Me?

Adore Me is a disruptive e-commerce lingerie startup redefining lingerie to make beautiful fashion affordable to every body. Based in New York City, Adore Me has grown from a founder with a dream to a company of 100 employees across the U.S. and Europe. In 2016, Adore Me ranked No. 9 on Crain’s Fast 50 list of fastest-growing companies in New York.

Is giving back to the community a vital part of Adore Me’s business model?

Part of Adore Me’s core values is to empower women by making them feel confident and beautiful. We are always looking for new ways to empower women. For example, we created an Adore Me game to engage people. Every time a new user would play this game, Adore Me would make a donation to a charity of their choice. In addition, we are always open to beginning new charitable relationships, like we have with Cancan Health, PinkChoseMe and I Support the Girls.

Why did you choose I Support the Girls for the current round of donation?

Adore Me is dedicated to empowering women and the mission of I Support the Girls resonated with us. Once we were aware of the story and mission, we wanted to help in anyway we could. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and we wanted to do this with the wonderful help of Support the Girls.

Bernard Wally, STG representative, collects the donated products from Adore Me Retail Analyst, Angela Maffia

What was donated and how many items?

Adore Me donated about 1,000 items. These items come from all of our product categories, including bras, panties, swimwear, active wear, sleepwear and lingerie.

What is Adore Me looking forward to the most in 2017?

2017 is going to be another big year for Adore Me! We’re looking forward to growing even more to become a household name in America. Every woman can feel beautiful and empowered – regardless of the size of her bra or her wallet. We are excited to work even more with our plus models in commercials and online campaigns. Adore Me has always been dedicated to size inclusivity – last year our size range ended at 42G, and this year we plan to expand this range up to 46I.

Finally- one piece of fashion advice you’d give to women shopping for bras, panties, sleepwear, swimwear and active wear? 

One piece of advice for women is to not be afraid of the size printed on the tag! You’re better off wearing something flattering rather than worrying about what the tiny size tag says!

We also feel that the best way to feel beautiful and amazing is to find a piece that speaks to you. The best type of pieces are the ones you love on you!

Learn more on the Adore Me website and Snapchat @adoreme. Follow the official Adore Me Instagram and Adore Me Pinterest, and download the Adore Me app.

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