Blizzard and Bras: SnowWomen Abound for Support The Girls!

By Sharon Rosenblatt

ThiCollage of snow women wearing brass week, we were walking in a winter wonderland!

The I Support the Girls community took to their front lawns to demonstrate their support for homeless women nationwide. People from nine States- NY, MA, NJ, MD, DC, VA, CA, FL, and OR- built women from their native elements: either sand or snow and added bras over their creations’ ‘snow globes’ to help raise awareness to some of the basic needs of homeless women- bras.

While silly and certainly a conversation piece for the neighbors, this is a very relevant issue. Homeless women and girls desperately need bras. They are critically essential for women’s health, self-esteem, employment, and dignity. People rarely donate bras and feminine hygiene products to the homeless and vulnerable populations, so friends of I Support the Girls raised awareness this week by taking it home and making it a public display of awareness.

Not to be outdone by their snowed-in friends, support in other parts of the country was hot hot hot! People in California built sandwomen on the beach, while some creative folks in Miami made sandwomen and rockscape women poolside. A Portland, Oregon created a colorful chalk rendering on the sidewalk to call awareness to this campaign.

Homelessness is a national problem and the lack of bras and hygiene products available for homeless women and girls needs to be addressed. Support the Girls thanks everyone who took the time to help spread the word and raise awareness about this issue!

Let it snow, and let your support show!


Snowwoman 1Snowwoman 8Snowwoman 2











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  1. Id love to be a part ..
    l volunteer with Feed the Homeless Less fortune at my church in Mauldin Simpsonvilles SC AREA

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