Starting A Conversation

We receive tens of emails daily asking for the nearest dropoff location. People across North America want to help and donate products for women experiencing homelessness in their community. Our dedicated staff respond to every email and sometimes, we ask for the “back story” as to a particular donation. Today we’d like to share with […]

Sixty Second Story

There’s a lot you can do in 60 seconds. Watch 6 Snaps. Do 30 push ups. Eat an entire bag of jalapeno chips (don’t ask- a dare back in university). Or you can tell a sixty second story that encapsulates two years worth of work. Our founder and executive director Dana Marlowe was recently interviewed and […]

Adore Me Empowers Women

Recently, Adore Me partnered with Support the Girls and donated bras, panties and other products to restore dignity to homeless girls and women. We interviewed Angela Maffia, an Adore Me retail analyst, to learn more about Adore Me and their commitment to giving back to others. Who is Adore Me? Adore Me is a disruptive […]