Sixty Second Story

There’s a lot you can do in 60 seconds. Watch 6 Snaps. Do 30 push ups. Eat an entire bag of jalapeno chips (don’t ask- a dare back in university). Or you can tell a sixty second story that encapsulates two years worth of work.

Our founder and executive director Dana Marlowe was recently interviewed and filmed by 60 Second Docs. 60 Second Docs is a project of Indigenous Media and is a diverse series of documentaries that provide a new look into the most unique characters, expressions and practices that make up the world. They came to Dana’s house and learned about Support the Girl’s beginning, operation and the importance of helping women experiencing homelessness retain their dignity.

It’s not easy to condense hours and hours of footage into sixty seconds but 60 Second Docs did a great job! See for yourself:

The amazing thing? It garnered over 1 million views in less than 4 days! Though some of that is because of this guy- maybe you’ve heard of him:

For those of you who love numbers, the footage for the video was filmed in March. In the three months since March…
– we have gone from 90,000 to 135,000 bras donated
– from 400,000 to 850,000 feminine hygiene products distributed
– from 155 to 220 partner shelters!
Thank you to our affiliate heads and volunteers across North America and globally who work tirelessly to collect and distribute these much needed products to women experiencing homelessness.

Thank you 60 Second Docs for getting our story out there. Now back to trying to plank for sixty seconds…

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